Autumn Garden -Master Gardener’s Demonstration Garden

October in Tri-Cities ended with golden sunshine and bold color. I took an autumn garden photo walk through the Master Gardener’s demonstration garden on the last day of the month. There were still many beautiful blossoms spreading their joy. Others had faded to autumn, but they revealed tiny seeds and buds promising their return with spring.

Enjoy the photos, and better yet, visit the garden in Kennewick, WA where you will see cheerful flowers, colorful leaves, bright berries, ornamental grasses and even an occasional flying insect. It’s located behind the Mid-Columbia Library. But hurry, because winter is marching closer by the day.

More autumn garden beauty here…

Learn more about the Master Gardener’s program here.

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Tiny bug enjoying his day on the pretty petals of a pink dianthus flower.
Tiny bug enjoying his day on the pretty petals of a pink dianthus flower.

Meet Mr. Snakefly. He showed up in my flowerbed of pink dianthus the other day, and very kindly posed for my camera for quite some time. If you see one of these guys in your yard or garden, treat him kindly, as he is one of the “good guys” in the world of bugs. He is predatory in the larvae and in the adult stages, which means he likes to eat aphids and other destructive insects in your garden. Here’s some more interesting information with facts you may not have known about this interesting little creature.

Make each day a new discovery

Make each day a new discovery.
Make each day a new discovery.

And just look what I discovered yesterday! A cute and very tiny katydid nymph enjoying a moment in the sun. I noticed him sitting on a green tomato leaf in my garden. The poor little guy looks like he’s lost half of an antennae, but that didn’t seem to phase him a bit. He has a very funny and cute way of walking with those gangly (and hairy) legs.

Beauty in the Garden — May Days

There’s beauty in the garden to be found all year round. Here are a few of my findings during the month of May. Enjoy the video or browse the gallery below. Enjoy!