Life on the Farm

“I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”

George Washington


I grew up on a farm in Montana. As a teen girl, I waited for the day I could leave the farm for urban life. But now as an adult, I miss the farm, and I cherish each moment I am am able to re-visit and spend time on my old stomping grounds where I grew up on a beautiful wheat farm & cattle ranch in Montana..

This photo gallery features some of my favorites that I’ve taken on various farms and ranches in Montana and Eastern Washington.

Many of the following farm life photographs, plus more, are available for licensing at iStock Getty.

Fine art wall prints and other home decor items featuring photography of Debi Bishop are also available here. I am happy to take custom requests, if you see something in on my website not yet available in my online gallery shops.

To laugh is human but to moo is bovine.


Are you a farm or ranch owner in Eastern Washington Tri-Cities vicinity? Would you enjoy having professional photographs of your animals, crops, equipment, harvest and other activities related to your farm life? Rural farms and ranches are some of my favorite places to meet friendly people and to photograph new subjects in.

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