The Bench Man

Time you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted time.

The Bench Man

Man on a park bench
The Bench Man

I saw this nice gentleman, the other day from across the park. I was there walking with my dogs at Howard Amon Park in Richland, Washington. He’s sitting under sycamore trees along the bank of the Columbia river. There is an empty bench very near, almost as if an open invitation to join him.

Just witnessing him there, enjoying his morning in solitude and complete tranquility, led me to the conclusion that I would benefit from spending more time on a park bench.



Honeybee And Flowers

Honeybee And Flowers in February?

Thinking about honeybees and flowers in February.It’s wet, gray and gloomy this week in February. Never the less though, I’m thinking of summer and the return of the delicate flowers and busy honeybees.

I’ve been working on my fine art galleries, and this is one of my newest creations. I photographed this beautiful penstemon (also known as beardtongue) flower in the all-volunteer Master Gardener’s demonstration garden early last summer. The garden is located in Kennewick, WA.

I’ve treated the image with a bold brush stroke texture to enhance the vibrant color and details of the original photo.

This pretty little honeybee is available as a fine art print in my Etsy shop, and you can get there by simply clicking on the image.

Make each day a new discovery

Make each day a new discovery.
Make each day a new discovery.

And just look what I discovered yesterday! A cute and very tiny katydid nymph enjoying a moment in the sun. I noticed him sitting on a green tomato leaf in my garden. The poor little guy looks like he’s lost half of an antennae, but that didn’t seem to phase him a bit. He has a very funny and cute way of walking with those gangly (and hairy) legs.

Beauty in the Garden — May Days

There’s beauty in the garden to be found all year round. Here are a few of my findings during the month of May. Enjoy the video or browse the gallery below. Enjoy!